Adorini Year Of The Dragon Grande Deluxe Humidor

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The adorini Year of the Dragon Grande Deluxe Humidor er en limited edition humidor dedikeret til det kinesiske Dragoyear.

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adorini Year of the Dragon Grande Deluxe Humidor

The adorini Year of the Dragon Grande Deluxe Humidor is a limited edition humidor dedicated to the Chinese Year of the Dragon. In striking red with golden motif details and a high-gloss lacquer finish, it is a true eye-catcher. Inside, it is lined with Spanish cedar wood to create an optimal storage environment for your cigars.
The design of this humidor is profound and symbolic. Proudly adorning the lid is a golden dragon intricately detailed with the finest scales. Each scale of the dragon is meticulously crafted and slightly raised. The dragon symbolizes strength, ambition, and dominance, while the Chinese characters translate to "Year of the Dragon," adding an additional cultural significance to the humidor.
The front of the humidor displays a landscape and sky motif, which holds great importance in Chinese culture. Clouds, especially auspicious clouds, are symbols of luck and are often considered messengers of the immortals. The mountains symbolize strength and immovability.
A special highlight of this humidor is the high-quality hinges. Made from the strongest materials and gold-plated, they not only provide functionality but also a touch of luxury to the humidor.
Another unique feature of the adorini Year of the Dragon Grande Deluxe Humidor is the integrated LED light. The low-heat light illuminates your cigars and the interior of the humidor elegantly, showcasing them in a special way. The light automatically turns on thanks to a pressure sensor built between the lid and the body when the lid is opened. It is rechargeable, and the input for the charging cable (not included) is discreetly located on the back of the humidor.
Package Contents:

4 Dividers: Two horizontal, one vertical, and one horizontal size S for the removable tray.

3 Gold-plated Clips: For labeling or dating the cigars.

100 ml bottle of Humifit Humidifier Solution: For optimal humidification of the humidor.

The Humidor Guide by adorini offers a comprehensive instruction for proper cigar storage. It includes tips and tricks for maintaining the humidor, proper filling of the humidifier, and monitoring humidity levels. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the humidor, our Humidor Guide is available for download at any time to expand your knowledge and provide you with an optimal cigar experience.

With its impressive dimensions of 37 x 24.5 x 15 cm and its capacity of approximately 150 cigars, this humidor is not just a storage space but also an artwork that combines Chinese culture and the tradition of cigar enjoyment.

Capacity for up to 150 corona cigars.

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